Hey Anna! I couodn't agree with you more. I mean, I'm in the field of helping others so it can be doubly tough on me to separate those who authentically want help from those who....don't. When we love someone it's so easy to put our own needs or desires on hold and focus on them. I've been there. I think many of us have at one time or another. I've also been on the flipside where I've had others pushing me, motivating me and enocuraging me over the years. I appreciated the help and I've used the lessons to this day.

Tougher than walking away from the situation and letting them navigate the healing waters on their own is to "shut it off" with our emotions. In the transformational relationship I had, I fell deeply in love. I wasn't perfect. Who is. But my heart was in the right plae, so it made it tough to separate myself from helping them, or wanting to guide them. *shrugs** I think it's all part of the lessons we're taught, and the growth that we choose.

Thank you for the comment!

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Psychologist. Behavior Analyst. Helping warriors recognize their inner strength & empowering them with a little badassery. #INFJ. Seeker of the perfect latte.

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